Idublin-on-bedt’s been a few years since the passing of our beloved friend, Dublin, but I want to share his story with visitors to our website.

He was the rare, one in a million dog that touched so many different people and dogs’ lives. He was amazingly kind and gentle, and always seemed to know what someone needed. He was one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met, and truly understood full sentences. He spoke to the world through knowing, soulful eyes and the occasional bark. Dublin unconditionally loved and approached life with a full heart. He often acted more like a person, than a dog. Dublin was my best friend and first son. He was a life-sized teddy bear to cuddle with when I was sick and a loving shoulder to cry on. He had a huge smile, crazy tail wag and being Irish, loved a good beer.

St. Patrick's Day w/Dublin 2002

St. Patrick’s Day w/Dublin 2002

Dublin wasn’t just our dog, he was in many ways, everyone’s dog. Dublin is the reason I became the co-chair of the committee to build the Lakewood Dog Park. He was the inspiration for Inn The Doghouse. As well mannered, loving and frankly lazy as he was; it was still difficult to convince my friends to take my dog for a week when we went on vacation. And I wasn’t going to put him in a cage! Dublin became the “sheriff” and was happy every time he got to go to Inn the Doghouse to see his friends. Especially those very last days of his life.

Dublin was asked by a former mayor’s office to be a “goose chasing dog” in Lakewood Park. He wore a special vest, loved his job and took it very seriously. When Brendan was born, along with going to ITD, Dublin went to work with Mark’s client, Yukon Fitness, as a Greeter Dog. They loved having him there, and he loved them. Dublin starred in his own Progressive Insurance commercial and most recently was immortalized in a client’s short story, The Inn Crowd. He was a very special dog.

Dublin with Wyatt & Nemo

Dublin with Wyatt & Nemo

Dublin’s most special role was that of big brother to Brendan and Wyatt.  When Wyatt was born, Dublin insisted on sleeping next to his crib every night.  He was incredibly patient and even playful for an old man.  He enjoyed waking Brendan up in the morning with big kisses and even crawling into his toddler bed to make us all laugh.  Dublin always had to have his head in the tub when the boys took a bath and sat next to us every evening at story time.

dublin-carDublin approached his last days with dignity and joy.  We tried to make sure he visited his favorite places, like Pet-Tique, went for lots of short car rides, ate his favorite home cooked meals and was able to say goodbye to his friends at Inn The Doghouse.
Our family would like to thank the many friends and loved ones that visited Dublin during his last days and have given their condolences.  The outpouring of love for Dublin and support for our family has been truly overwhelming.

When Dublin left us he knew how much he was loved and we knew how much he loved us.  I pray that we will be together again and that if God wanted us to be at peace in heaven, we will have our most special pets as companions.  Some people may feel that it is over-the-top to write an obituary for a dog.  Those people never met Dublin.

Thank you Dublin for being my best friend and inspiration.  We were the fortunate ones to have had you in lives for the past 9 1/2 years.  Rest in peace my dear friend.

Whitney, Mark, Brendan and Wyatt Callahan
and your friends at Inn The Doghouse