staff-jaceyJacey has been a lifelong animal lover who has spent her time making sure she is surrounded by them.  At age 9, she made her way to a local horse farm where she volunteered cleaning stables.  She continued this throughout her teenage years, eventually giving riding lessons to young children.  In more recent years, Jacey has found forever homes to many stray cats and intends to further her education in hope of one day owning and operating an animal sanctuary.  Her goal is to create a place for older and neglected animals to peacefully live out their lives with the love and attention they may not have had in their younger years.  She also dreams of working in equine therapy for children with special needs.  Jacey’s love of animals also extends into her spare time, as a volunteer at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  Jacey currently lives in Mentor with her wife Linda, her canine children, “Lilly”, “Taquito”, “Babes” and “Bear” amd her feline children “Philly”, “Swisher”, “TC” and “Chicken.”